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Founded in 2019, B-Outdoor Media is company based in Johannesburg with more focus on the outdoor advertising media industry. We currently own a number of media platforms around all townships in Gauteng in the form of Vinyl boards & Wall murals.

Our primary intention is to bring innovation solution in South Africa, while there are number of outdoor advertising companies in the industry, their focus is mainly on billboards, B-Outdoor Media focuses on cost effective advertising platforms

We target our clients’ audience in different type of advertising platforms that are relevant to our clients’ customers


Vynil Boards

Wall Murals


Our Clients

Get in Touch

    Get in Touch

    Email: boni@boutdoormedia.co.za

    Address: Johannesburg, South Africa

    B-Outdooor Media

    Telephone: +27 84 495 5753
    Email: boni@boutdoormedia.co.za
    Address: Johannesburg, South Africa

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